We love hearing about Baby+Company births, and we share many of these great stories here. One question that we always ask in our interviews is what advice the new mom has for other women who are expecting. Here, we share some of the best advice we’ve heard about everything from being pregnant to delivering the baby to raising your child.

Think about your personality type and what you envision yourself doing when going through labor. Do you want everyone in the room or do you want to be alone? Don’t stress about things and don’t feel bad.”
Cali, Wheat Ridge

“I quickly learned to ignore negative comments. I had no illusions that birth wouldn’t be hard work and very painful, but I was up for the challenge and believed I was capable of doing it. Believe you’ll have a good birth and it’s more likely that you will.”
Nichole, Charlotte

“Women and men should learn as much as possible about birth, regardless of whether they plan to deliver with or without medication. Learn about the birth process and what’s involved. Partners, too, should know exactly what birth looks like so they can guide moms through it.”
KC, Wheat Ridge

“I highly recommend that every woman go to a birthing class…it really opened my eyes.”
Julia, Cary

“There’s a fine line between being prepared and having realistic expectations. You should be educated on what you think your preferences are going to be, but don’t underestimate your body and follow your gut feelings during labor.”
Stephanie, Charlotte

Go into birth united with a spouse or birthing partner so you have an unbreakable trust. My husband’s voice was the only thing that got me to a place where I could mentally focus on what needed to happen.”
Renee, Nashville

Don’t skip the classes!
Laura, Wheat Ridge

“Approach everything – pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postnatal period – with a positive lens. Be grateful for everything you experience, because it means that your body is strong and capable and able to sustain and give life. Your approach will determine your experience.”
Molly, Cary

Get rest beforehand, because after the baby comes it’s a lot of (great) hard work. Trust your instincts and trust your midwives – they’re there to take care of you and make sure you get the experience you want.”
Jillian, Wheat Ridge

“If you don’t have a lot of people in the waiting room, you don’t have to worry about them and what they’re doing and keeping them all informed. Fewer people meant less stress for me.”
Rachel, Nashville

“It’s so important to care for yourself, both during pregnancy and after your baby is born. I didn’t realize how long it would take for me to recover after giving birth. Be patient with your body!
Elicia, Wheat Ridge

“My postpartum doula was really helpful, especially for my husband. It’s nice to have someone who isn’t a family member and who has seen a lot of different moms and dads and babies. Make sure you rest and don’t overdo things – you’re healing a placenta-sized wound.”
Erika, Nashville

“For me, the postpartum was much more of a challenge than I thought it would be. The healing and bleeding and emotions were a lot more than I expected. It was tough. Learn about what you can expect after you give birth so you can mentally prepare for the postpartum period.”
Andrea, Cary

“In terms of parenting, be confident in what feels right to you. I worried too much about what specific experts or books said or what I thought I should do. Just do what works that day and don’t worry about what other parents are doing.”
Hilary, Nashville

“You’re going to get so much parenting advice that it will be overwhelming. You and your partner need to decide what’s important to you. When it comes down to it, babies are simple. They eat, sleep, and poo. Don’t get too wrapped up in strategies. Just keep it simple and enjoy the moments that you have, both during pregnancy and while your baby is young.”
Amy, Wheat Ridge