From water births to placentophagy, the trends around births have changed quite a bit since your mother was pregnant with you! While some of these ideas may seem new age-y, home births and medication-free labor are actually becoming more mainstream. And if you think about it, it’s the exact opposite of new age; women have been having children naturally since the beginning of humankind. But what are the current birth trends in Cary, NC and the Research Triangle Park area? Baby+Company looks at the numbers to see who is giving birth to children in Wake County, and what kinds of choices they’re making for their prenatal care. Read More

You’ve got your new baby, and you’ve got your infant seat. Simple, right? You’ll be safer transporting your baby when you follow these infant car seat safety tips: 1) Install your seat correctly – and tightly. Whether you’re using the LATCH system or a seatbelt to hold the seat or base in the car, check the instructions for your seat and your car. Once installed, the car seat or base should not be able to move or shift more than one inch in any direction. Read More

Hands in the mouth, chewing on everything, drool everywhere, fussy, and waking up at night? Is it a tooth, or teething? Is your baby starting to teethe? Hands in the mouth, chewing on everything, and non-stop drool is pretty common in the 4 month old baby set. These are developmental behaviors we commonly call “teething,” but most likely, it will still be three or four more months before the glint of the very first tooth ever pokes through. Read More

How can one accurately describe prenatal fatigue in the first trimester? The best analogy that comes to mind is the scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and her friends reach the poppy field that has been poisoned by the Wicked Witch with a potion that causes sudden, deep slumber. Imagine prenatal fatigue personified as that witch, wringing its spindly hands while murmuring, “Sleep, my pretty, sleep.” There’s no fighting it and no Glinda, the good witch, who can snap you out of it. Prenatal fatigue wins the fight every time. Pregnant women describe it as “hitting a brick wall,” with no warning and no way to avoid or overcome the episodes of extreme tiredness. Read More

“Birth hormones matter: Take precaution before intervention” could be the bumper sticker summary of Dr. Sarah J. Buckley’s new, in-depth report, Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing: Evidence and Implications for Women, Babies, and Maternity Care. In her book, Dr. Buckley reviews the important role of birth hormones in helping expecting women prepare for birth, initiate labor, bond with their babies, and begin breastfeeding. The report also covers common practices that may create stress for the mother and interfere with natural hormonal processes during labor and birth, such as lack of privacy, loud noise, bright lights, and unnecessary or too frequent interventions, assessments, and monitoring. Read More

Think about how great it feels to be surrounded by warm water, whether in a hot tub, a bath, or natural hot springs. The caress of the water on the skin creates a release of endorphins, or nature’s anesthesia, which leaves one in a blissful, pain-free state of both mind and body. Water immersion during labor and water birth have the same effect and are excellent non-pharmacological option for pain-relief. Read More

Many Americans do not eat a diet high in fish, despite the health benefits of eating seafood. Some folks avoid it because they see a burger as the tastier option, but others may be afraid of the mercury that is found in seafood, a concern that is especially prevalent for expecting and new moms. Yet seafood can be particularly beneficial to pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as their babies. Read More

How Do You Know If Your Contractions Are the Real Thing? Check Out These 4 Signs! Your due date is approaching and you’re excited to meet your baby – you’re ready! You may have started experiencing some pre-labor symptoms such as diarrhea, pressure, bloody show, hot flashes, weight loss, moodiness, and Braxton-Hicks contractions. Read More

Baby+Company Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Cara Osborne MSN, CNM, SD, visited Haiti last month along with friends from Every Mother Counts (EMC) to check in on the progress of @midwives4haiti's (MFH's) new community birth center currently under construction. This new facility will allow MFH volunteers and graduates to provide more women and mothers with a place to receive skilled care during pregnancy and childbirth in the rural community of Cabestor. Read More

Nothing stresses out new parents and newborns more than the dreaded baby bath. If your baby isn’t a fan of the daily bath, don’t despair. Our month-by-month guide to bathing your baby simplifies the process. Read More

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