Now, more and more birthing sites across the U.S. are offering this option to their patients, joining 65% of countries across the globe that have been providing “gas and air” in post - World War II Europe for years and with great results. The self-administered gas is 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide. It generates a relaxed state within which one experiences a diminished perception of pain. Nitrous is fast acting, achieving peak effect at 30 – 50 seconds after inhalation. The gas is often just enough to help a woman get through her labor or allow her to delay the use of the epidural, but it’s not for everyone. Read More

Did you know your teeth and gums are more vulnerable when you’re expecting? Pregnancy hormones cause swelling, bleeding, and inflammation in the gums, leading to gingivitis or a gum infection. In addition to gingivitis, you may also experience the erosion of tooth enamel, which can lead to cavities, due to the effects of stomach acids that are released from morning sickness. Essentially, pregnancy provides the perfect set up for periodontal disease. Read More

The American College of Obstetrician-Gynecologists recommends 30 minutes of exercise per day during pregnancy. Why? Because the benefits of prenatal fitness are not just for mom but for baby too. Consistent prenatal exercise will help you maintain your strength, flexibility and endurance, traits that play an essential role during labor and birth. Read More

Most women know that, in fact, one isn’t really supposed to “eat for two” when pregnant. The enclosed post discusses weight gain during pregnancy and provides standard guidelines relating to Body Mass Index and risks associated with obesity and pregnancy. Read More

In part one of our series, we learn why massage is beneficial to your baby. Ready to try a short infant massage? A few minutes, warm room, and some oil are all you’ll need to get started. Baby can be undressed down to the diaper, or naked if you dare. Let’s get sarted! Greet your baby and ask if he’d like a massage. Sign “massage” by rubbing your open hands together. It’s respectful to start by asking permission: “Would you like a massage?”. As you speak, you can use the sign for “massage”, by rubbing your hands together as… Read More

Infant massage is a wonderful bonding activity for parents and infants, and is also a great way for grandparents or caregivers to “connect” regularly with their baby. For parents and caregivers, infant massage helps to foster emotional closeness and connection, and is a positive form of non-verbal communication. For a very young baby who is not yet ready to “play," massage can serve as a pleasant and positive interaction. As babies grow older, massage becomes a favorite part of a bedtime or post-bath routine. Read More

No new parent wants to think too much about SIDS. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome remains the leading cause of death for infants from one to 12 months of age. SIDS rates are highest between 1 to 4 months, but since we don’t yet fully understand the cause of SIDS, safe sleep practices should be used to reduce the risk of SIDS in every infant under the age of 1 year. Read More

About three-quarters of all pregnant women experience morning sickness, or nausea in pregnancy that may or may not be accompanied by vomiting. The fact that this pregnancy symptom is so common does not make it any easier to tolerate. Prenatal nausea can be a real nuisance that deflates some of the joy you may have felt upon learning you were pregnant. Read More

So you missed your period, peed on a stick, and got a positive result – yay!!! But, wait, what now??? Is the mild cramping you’re experiencing normal or a problem? What about your extremely tender breasts – is there anything you can do for that? And, oh that debilitating fatigue!! Read More

babies born after a miscarriage are often called rainbow babies. it reflects the joy and beauty of having a baby after the storm of miscarriage – including those heartbreaking conversations with family, friends, and co-workers that can take their toll on you. here’s what you need to know about trying for your rainbow baby. you’re not alone believe it or not, one in four women has been through this. miscarriage is so much more common than we’re taught to believe and being cautious about privacy doesn’t make it any easier for those of us who are feeling isolated. finding community among other women… Read More

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