women’s health care.

a wellness-based approach to your healthcare.

Wellness and holistic care have become buzzwords. But how are these things different from plain old “health” and “health care?”

Health is the absence of disease. It involves health care like blood-pressure checks and screening tests, such as pap smears. And we do all those things at Baby+Company. They’re important!

But our well-woman care goes a step further – make that many steps!

We take time to consider your whole self. We talk about all the parts of your life that affect how you feel from day to day. The goal is to help you find ways to make improvements that lead to your best possible physical and emotional wellbeing. And that’s what wellness/holistic care is all about.

Your annual well-woman visit is a full hour, so we can explore:

• your eating and exercise habits
• stress in your life and how you manage it
• the information and support you need to make changes, including things like quitting smoking ,weight loss, birth control, and fertility issues
• a plan so you can move toward the goals you set for yourself

Yes, we call ourselves Baby+Company, but we’re about much more than having babies. We offer a range of women’s healthcare across a woman’s lifespan from infertility counseling; to annual exams and birth control prescription. We’re here to help you find your path to a lifetime of healthy choices.

fertility planning

Whether you’re thinking about getting pregnant, or actively trying, we can help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy. Our midwives take a holistic approach, focusing on your health and wellness. From nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and beyond, we explore the big picture and come up with a plan that mirrors what’s important to you.

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more care, less cost

We’re all about bringing more health and wellness to more women. It’s what gets us going every morning – that and maybe a little coffee.

We seriously do not want cost to be an obstacle to your care.

We accept all major insurance plans. If you’re unsure about your insurance coverage, we’ll help you figure out your out-of-pocket costs.

If you choose to pay yourself, a yearly well-woman visit is only $70 for an hour of personal attention, plus any lab or test fees. And the benefits are likely to last at least a year…if not a lifetime.

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