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Hillary Tune. Community Outreach.

Hillary has been interested in natural childbirth ever since she and her sister held up a mirror so her mother could see Hillary’s baby brother being born during his homebirth. The experience wasn’t just exciting, it also normalized the process of birth from being something scary, to something beautiful that takes a lot of hard work.

However, her path to working at a birth center wasn’t a straight one – she has a journalism degree from Stephen F. Austin State University and worked as a newspaper journalist for 10 years in Texas and California prior to moving to Knoxville. She worked as a marketing communications specialist in Knoxville from 2013-2016 before being hired by Baby+Company.

Her own experience with birth was making the best of the situation when she lived in an area that only had hospital birth as an option. She found the sole Certified Nurse Midwife in the county and was able to have two natural birth experiences at the hospital that were both very different from the other. The lack of options where she lived is part of why she’s so passionate about ensuring that women have a choice in the type of birth experience they desire.

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