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Kim Fleming. CNM.

Kim Fleming has known that she was meant to do birth work since she was five years old, when her younger brother arrived very quickly, resulting in an accidental home birth in which just she and the paramedics (who arrived just in time) were in attendance with her mother. The second oldest of seven children, she was born and raised in Anchorage, AK. There she spent her twenties working in various branches of healthcare; as a labor, birth, postpartum, and abortion doula; and as an anthropologist/archaeologist with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Park Service.

Kim moved to North Carolina in 2010 to pursue dual master’s degrees at East Carolina University. She first completed a Master of Arts in Anthropology, with a focus on Applied Medical Anthropology. She moved to Winston-Salem in 2013 to work as a Labor and Delivery and Antepartum nurse at Forsyth Medical Center. She continued to work there until May of 2017 when she completed her Master of Science in Nursing, and joined baby+co. as the Nurse-Midwifery Fellow in June of 2017.

Kim is dedicated to providing holistic, whole-life well care to people from all backgrounds and walks of life. While her first passion and entrée into this world was birth work, she is also particularly interested in sexuality and sexual health, and providing gynecologic care for adolescents and LGBTQIA people. Kim is dedicated to providing personalized, identity-confirming, empowering, trauma-informed, and respectful healthcare. She is passionate about educating people to be more informed and engaged players in all aspects of their health and wellness.

Kim and her partner, Cassie, have three cats (Peter, a tuxedo tabby; and Rigo and Archie, tuxedo cats) and a pitbull mix named Reggie. They’re hoping to add another dog to the mix soon! They both love to cook as well to enjoy the wealth of great food and craft beer available in North Carolina and beyond. In her free-time she enjoys being outside as often as she can, hiking and camping, reading and writing, gardening, playing table-top games, and enjoying live music, photography, travel, good coffee, and naps. Long conversations about big ideas, Star Wars, Star Trek, and puns are also among her favorite things.

She is excited about being a part of offering more choices to people seeking gynecologic and birth services in Winston-Salem.


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