This past week, I had my first (individual) birthing center visit of my third trimester with Baby+Company. I met with Beth Tyson, CNM for my glucose screening test, fundal height measurement, we listened to baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler, I received my Rhogram injection (for those who are RH negative), we went over my list of questions, scheduled our birth classes (Birth at a Birth Center, Newborn Care, and Breastfeeding), and talked about goals and milestones for the coming weeks.

Vitals Check

As is standard with all visits, my weight was recorded and my blood pressure was taken. Both looked great and are within the ‘normal’ range.

Glucose Screening Test

During your 27-28 week individual visit, your blood glucose is assessed to test for gestational diabetes. Many women have heard of this “dreaded” test because of the not-so-great tasting glucose drink that most doctor’s offices provide. Thankfully, Baby+Company offers an organic grape juice option vs. the glucose drink should you desire. I chose the grape juice option and was happy I did! You are still required to consume those 50g of sugar in 5 minutes or less (which doesn’t make you feel awesome), but it wasn’t so bad. You are asked to consume the drink 45 minutes prior to your arrival at Baby+Company so your blood can be taken at exactly one hour past consumption of the sugar. This is not a fasting glucose test, so you can eat PRIOR to consuming the drink (I chose eggs and half of a plain bagel – nothing with sugar).

Rhogam Injection

Depending on your blood type, you may also receive a Rhogam shot at this appointment. If you have a negative blood type, you are required to receive the shot to prevent any complications in case your baby has a positive blood type and his or her blood is mixed with yours at any point during pregnancy or birth. The baby’s cord blood will be tested at birth and if it’s negative you do not need another shot. If it’s positive, you will receive another injection post-birth.

Questions & Concerns

Two days prior to my appointment, I ended up making an emergency visit to the birth center due to consistent contractions that were only 2 minutes apart. I have been traveling extensively for work these past few months and had a very full day of errands, cooking, and exercising the day that the Braxton-Hicks steadily increased. Luckily, when I called the after-hours/on-call line, Mandesa was very calm and reassuring and asked me to come in to the birthing center ASAP to check for signs of pre-term labor. Thankfully, none of the tests indicated pre-term labor and we think it was a case of “overdoing” it and she suggested I cut back on my work travel and slow down, especially now that I’m in my third trimester. I discussed this incident with Beth and expressed my concerns over the hip and low back pain, pregnancy-induced insomnia, and heartburn that I’ve been experiencing. Together, we came up with a plan for the coming weeks and I am working diligently to slow down and focus on my health and the health of the baby.

Baby’s Heartbeat & Fundal Height Measurement

Toward the end of our appointment, it was time to measure the fundal height and listen to baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler. I am measuring right on track and we could locate her heartbeat right away and she even put on a little performance for us. Her movements have become much more pronounced and I have been able to accurately predict her placement within my belly based on her occasional hiccups and her consistent movements.

Birth Classes

Before we departed, Beth discussed what to expect at our upcoming birth classes and I was able to get us scheduled for all three of the classes offered by the birthing center in April and early May. I’ve been looking forward to these classes for a long time as I feel like they are one of the key experiences I need to help me feel as prepared as possible for her impending birth and arrival!