Baby+Company and WakeMed have been delivering maternity care together since the birth center opened in 2015. This spring, we began deepening our collaboration, exploring ways to better meet the needs of diverse families in a rapidly changing healthcare system. Dr. AJ Koehler from WakeMed Physician Practices (WPP) assumed the role of Medical Director, and WPP now collaborates to provide full-spectrum maternity care to Baby+Company families. Read More

It’s National Nurses Week and we’re confident that here at Baby+Company we have some of the very best nurses around! Though we simply cannot fit all the love we have for this team into a blog post, we’ve tried. Get to know our team a bit better though our public declarations of love! Read More

Mandesa Smith has a wonderful passion for women's health and babies and is an adored member of our team of certified nurse midwives here in Cary. She can easily light up a room with her infectious energy. A lifetime learner, Mandesa has several degrees and doesn't plan on stopping. Join us as we delve a little deeper into her life and what called her to practice midwifery. Read More

Have you daydreamed about how your birth story will unfold? At the beginning of the last class for parents of the most recent Baby+Company birth class, a mama of a 6-week-old graciously stopped in to share her birth story and to answer any questions the expecting parents might have had about giving birth at the birth center. Read More

Please meet Lauren Drees, a member of our beautiful midwifery team. Lauren has a strong passion to care and nurture women through childbearing and beyond. We are thankful that after she was a founding midwife at Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas, the birthplace of Baby+Company, that she returned to Nashville by popular demand. Read More

We love having Certified Nurse-Midwife, Taneesha Reynolds on our team in Nashville! Her genuine interest in empowering women is what inspired her to practice midwifery. Let's delve a little further into the heart and soul of Taneesha. Read More

So what’s it like to actually give birth at the Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas? We talked to new mom, Tara Graf, about her experience at BCNWA, and checked in to see how she and baby Kingston are doing. Read More

Our birth center is aglow with the addition of Amy Wallace. Amy's passion for midwifery is contagious. She is one of those CNMs who has seen women and birth professionals have to fight for a mom's rights to have choices around things that seem commonplace in the birth center environment. After a few moments with Amy, you know you are connecting with a woman with the heart and soul of a midwife. We hear her talk about how important it is to her to provide an empowering experience for her clients and families that sends them out into the world with more confidence as they become parents. Read More

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more excited about midwifery than Jualeah Early. Her joy in what she does is apparent from the moment she speaks, and it’s utterly infectious. If a woman comes in who isn’t sure about the birth center experience, a few minutes with Jualeah leaves that expectant mother feeling enthusiastic and optimistic. We interviewed Jualeah for our new ‘Meet the Midwife’ series, and here’s what she had to say. Read More

Baby+Company has a new midwife and we are excited to introduce her to our community. Please meet Heather Sevcik, Nashville’s newest team member! Heather brings a vast range of experience and passion to her work as a midwife, and we are honored to work with her. When you see her, be sure to ask her about her herd of goats! Read More

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