We're lucky to have Laura Thielke as our Clinical Director at Baby+Company. Laura is passionate about educating and empowering women through their life cycles. In addition to leading the clinical team in Denver, Laura also heads up the clinical team nationally. Her education shows in everything she does, from parenting her three children, to training for marathons. Laura is a shining example in all areas of motherhood and wellness. Read More

We’re pleased to share an interview with Margaret Buxton, our Clinical Director. Margaret has worked with Nashville moms and babies for over 12 years, and we are beyond lucky to work alongside such a wise and caring woman! When she is not busy caring for families here at the center, she is busy at home with her own four children. Here's her story... An Interview with Margaret Buxton, CNM, DNP Read More

Alice Ann Hermanson joined the Charlotte team with a passion for the company and its families that already ran deep. After spending time at the Arkansas location as a student midwife, Alice Ann followed Baby+Company to Charlotte to open the 5th location and bring a new option to women in the community. Her calming presence, top notch organizational skills, and ability to make every person she meets feel special are just a few of the reasons she is an amazing midwife. The only people who could love her more than her Charlotte families do are her fellow team members – and not just because she gives the best back massages! Read More

In the quiet of the morning, before my colleagues typically arrive for clinic, I pull into the parking lot of our Baby+Company birth center. I see familiar cars in our garage, but these are not normal business hours. I take note: nurse’s car, check; midwife’s car, check; unknown car that may be a clients car, check. Maybe a family is here for the birth of their child. My pulse quickens. It is a sacred time and space to hold for this mom and baby. Read More

Earlier this year Britain’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), an independent organization that advises the National Health Service, presented new guidelines recommending that all women with low-risk pregnancies be presented with the options of midwifery care and out of hospital birth. We already know from the landmark Listening to Mothers surveys, expecting women prefer to have an array of alternatives when it comes to their care; however, the NICE recommendations go beyond the argument of “choice is good.” The evidence-based report states that midwifery-led care is best for healthy pregnancies due to the achievement of equal health outcomes with lower intervention rates, when compared to physician-led care. Read More

“Birth hormones matter: Take precaution before intervention” could be the bumper sticker summary of Dr. Sarah J. Buckley’s new, in-depth report, Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing: Evidence and Implications for Women, Babies, and Maternity Care. In her book, Dr. Buckley reviews the important role of birth hormones in helping expecting women prepare for birth, initiate labor, bond with their babies, and begin breastfeeding. The report also covers common practices that may create stress for the mother and interfere with natural hormonal processes during labor and birth, such as lack of privacy, loud noise, bright lights, and unnecessary or too frequent interventions, assessments, and monitoring. Read More

Baby+Company Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Cara Osborne MSN, CNM, SD, visited Haiti last month along with friends from Every Mother Counts (EMC) to check in on the progress of @midwives4haiti's (MFH's) new community birth center currently under construction. This new facility will allow MFH volunteers and graduates to provide more women and mothers with a place to receive skilled care during pregnancy and childbirth in the rural community of Cabestor. Read More

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