I was utterly terrified of having a miscarriage during my first pregnancy. I was also pretty uninformed. The only statistic I could focus on was that 10-20% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage. I cut out all caffeine, even abstaining from chocolate and green tea. I stopped exercising, except for a few short walks once in a while. I literally worried myself sick over it (although that could have been morning sickness, too). All’s well that ends well, though, and everything was fine. But it still seems like every other woman I meet has a story about how she… Read More

babies born after a miscarriage are often called rainbow babies. it reflects the joy and beauty of having a baby after the storm of miscarriage – including those heartbreaking conversations with family, friends, and co-workers that can take their toll on you. here’s what you need to know about trying for your rainbow baby. you’re not alone believe it or not, one in four women has been through this. miscarriage is so much more common than we’re taught to believe and being cautious about privacy doesn’t make it any easier for those of us who are feeling isolated. finding community among other women… Read More

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