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Birthing Room

  • swedish bars

    This sturdy structure supports you as you try different positions to open your pelvis and help the baby come down, or to find comfort.

  • large bed

    A queen sized bed help you find comfortable positions during labor and cuddle up with the whole family once the baby comes.

  • music + lighting

    Bring your own music and control the lighting to create a soothing environment that works for you.

  • pain management options

    TENS unit, birthing balls, and many other options are available to help you find more comfort during labor.

  • hydrotherapy / birth tub

    A deep soaking tub for labor or birth eases pain and relaxes tension.

  • walk-in shower

    Our large walk-in shower can be used for aqua therapy during or after labor.

  • essential oils

    Oils from plants, such as chamomile, clary sage, and rose may relax tension and ease pain. Also called, “aromatherapy.”

  • japanese toilet

    Toilet with a heated seat and built-in bidet are available in every birth suite.

  • room to move

    We want you to be comfortable. You can wear what you want; move as you want; eat what you want; and be with whomever you choose.

  • safety equipment

    It's not the focal point of the room, but we have plenty of gear for safety, including medications, oxygen, IVs, and emergency supplies

Great Room

  • kitchen

    Make a cup of tea or enjoy a meal in the communal kitchen.

  • gathering space

    We created a space to build community and connect with other families.

  • comforts of home

    A place where the whole family can settle in and be comfortable while they wait to greet your little one.

important nashville locations.

Our collaborating hospital, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, is just around the corner, a 6-minute drive.

our services.

Every part of Baby+Company is carefully considered and created with real women in mind.

prenatal care

prenatal care

everything you expect, + more.

At Baby+Company, we make sure you have all the check-ups, prenatal testing, and ultrasounds you need. But we want to do even more to make your pregnancy healthy, happy, and safe. So we dug into the research to design a whole-health approach to prenatal care: one that involves the whole family and connects you to your community.

options for birth and soothing pain

options for birth and soothing pain

it’s your birth. we give you loads of options to plan it.

Bringing a life into the world is an amazing experience. You don’t want anything to take away from that joy. So deciding where and how you give birth is a pretty big deal. When you have your care at Baby+Company, you increase your options for having the birth you want, with access to everything that helps you and your baby stay safe.

before + beyond pregnancy

before + beyond pregnancy

midwives – they’re not just for pregnancy care.

We provide annual physical exams, pap smears, birth control, fertility counseling, health coaching, and additional support for your overall wellness. We’re into keeping women well throughout life. So whether or not you’re thinking about a baby, you might still want to think about us.



get informed, prepared, inspired, and connected

We offer a range of education options to support you along your journey from before pregnancy all the way to parenthood. Our classes are small, intimate, and highly interactive, allowing you to get to know the other new and expectant parents. Your midwife or health coach will help you choose your personal education program.

“As a clinician and a researcher, I knew that birth centers were safe. As a mom and a midwife, I knew that birth centers gave women a meaningful choice.”

Dr. Cara Osborne, Founder of Baby+Company

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