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Lillian Hofer Scott

Lillian Hofer Scott MS, APRN, CNM joined Baby+Co. Nashville in October 2017. She graduated from the New York University midwifery program in 2013, and shortly afterwards began working as a midwife at a public hospital in the Bronx with one of the oldest midwifery services in the country, serving a largely indigent population of women from all over the world. She worked there under the mentorship of an incredible group of midwives until the spring of 2017, when she moved to Nashville so that her husband could pursue an exciting new job in the music industry. She is thrilled to be part of the Baby+Co. family and to be practicing out-of-hospital birth for the first time.

Lillian became interested in midwifery while still in high school, when a lifelong interest in birth and babies began to take shape in her mind as something that could actually become a rewarding career. Her own mother delivered her with midwives, and encouraged her to look into the nurse-midwifery field. After doing some research, she realized that this was exactly what she wanted to do with her life, and worked towards the final goal of becoming a CNM for the next ten years, through the undergraduate nursing program at NYU, then working as a nurse on medical/surgical and postpartum units while working towards her master’s in midwifery. She had the amazing privilege to work with a home birth midwife in her final semester of midwifery school, which cemented her interest in out-of-hospital birth.

She had her own daughter in the comfort of her home in September of 2016, an experience which helped her grow not only as a person, but as a midwife. She is passionate about empowering women to have the birth they want, and truly believes that “peace on earth begins with birth.” She is looking forward to continuing to grow as a midwife at Baby+Co. for years to come.

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